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Livestock & Animal Mats from Oregon Rubber Mat

Whether you are setting up an area in a kennel for your family pets, flooring for your horse trailer, or protecting your cattle, llamas, alpacas, or other domestic livestock from hard, concrete floors, Oregon Rubber Mat has your solution.

We have several varieties of stall mats for your livestock, horse stall, and domesticated animals. Our livestock mat options are excellent for protecting your cattle, horses, and other animals from the concrete, improving their comfort and providing a non-absorbent and slip-resistant environment.

Whether you need interlocking mats or a continuous and seamless roll, installation is quick and easy and will have your animals protected and comfortable in a fraction of the time.

dog on rubber mat
Dog Kennel Mat Types
  • Rubber Slab Matting
  • Sheer Tube
  • Kleenrite
  • Corrugated Rubber
  • Wash Rack
Horse and Livestock Mat Types
  • Kennel Mats
  • Horse Trailer
  • Interlocking Stall Mats
  • Recycled Rubber Rolls
  • Slab Matting
  • Sportfloor
  • Stall Mats
  • Wash Rack

Available Livestock & Animal Mats

Horse Trailer Mats

Our horse trailer mats are in 1/2" thickness and are made of a tough and durable recycled black rubber. Custom cutting is available.

Stall Mats

Our stall mats available for livestock come in sizes 4' x 6' and 5' x 7' both 3/4" thick; These heavy-duty mats are constructed of recycled rubber and have a 15-year warranty.

Stall-Lite Mats

Another choice in stall mats is our 5/8" x 4' x 6' size. These mats have a sturdy traction surface and are easy to clean & handle. Mats are also reversible and can be turned over for additional drainage on the bottom. Their weight is 82 lbs each.

Interlocking Stall Mat Kit

We offer interlocking stall mat options. These are 3/4" thick and lock together like a puzzle. The mats come in a 10' x 12' kit of 5 mats, and a 12' x 12' kit of 6 mats.

Heavy Duty
Livestock Interlocking

We offer interlocking stall mats for livestock or any other use.

Washrack Mats

Wash rack mats in 36" squares that interlock together for your wash areas.

Pet Run Mats

Flat easy to clean, Sizes: ½”x 4’x6’ or ½”x 5’x7’ Heavy-Duty

Rolled Recycled Regrind

48” wide x 25 ft long rolls. ¼” or 3/8” thick.

Rubber Mats & Runners of All Types, Styles, and Lengths. We Ship Nationwide!