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Drainage and Marine Mats in Oregon & Washington

There are many different types and styles of drainage mats to keep you and your team safe in wet conditions. If you work in damp conditions such as near water, in a dishwashing room at a restaurant, or other types of slippery situations, you want to protect your employees in every way possible. Anytime water comes into play, you drastically increase the chance for slips, falls, and injuries. It’s essential to install drainage mats to prevent these accidents from happening. At Oregon Rubber Mat, we offer a wide variety of specialty drainage and marine mats to help you and your team avoid injuries and stay on your feet. Contact us or visit our showroom to see our collection. Our family-owned and -operated business has been thriving for years in Hubbard, OR with our expertise in protecting people and cargo alike.

blue mat

Types of Drainage Mats

Drainage mats are broken into two distinct styles, each offering their own level of protection and advantages depending on where you install them. The first type is called Sheertube. Sheertube mats are air-cushioned and light-duty mats that are better for low-traffic and residential areas. They’re hollow-bodied tubes that provide anti-fatigue properties, cushioning your steps as you work without slipping. Sheergrip mats are for heavy-duty, high-traffic areas like kitchens and other commercial applications. They have a solid body design with textured features to provide as much anti-slip protection as possible. We can help you decide on which type of drainage mat to select when you visit our showroom.

Other Applications

While we offer drainage and marine mats for your application, we also offer other styles. One of these is known as Dri-Dek. These come in a wide selection of colors to identify areas on your floor properly. They work by interlocking tiles to make for an ultimate mat for protection against slipping. The colors allow you to create patterns for design as well as warning employees about the area. We also stock kitchen mats that provide anti-fatigue and anti-slip properties for long shifts on your feet. Come see the types and materials of drainage and marine mats we offer at our Hubbard, OR showroom! We’ll help you stay protected from accidents and injuries at home or your place of business.

Available Drainage & Marine Mats Mats


36” wide, black, rubber runner 36foot long rolls, or can cut to your length.

Kitchen Mat

3’x5’ or 3’x 10’ long with beveled edges. Great Kitchen drainage.

Washrack Mats

Sections that interlock together are 36”x36”x ½” black.

Rubber Mats & Runners of All Types, Styles, and Lengths. We Ship Nationwide!