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Safety Mats & Stair Treads in Hubbard, OR

No matter what type of business you conduct, if you have moving parts and people, there’s a risk for slips, falls, and injuries. Safety mats provide a level of security and assurance to an otherwise dangerous surface.

rubber mats for comfort

We Carry a Variety of Safety Mats

At Oregon Rubber Mat, we stock many different styles and materials for safety mats to make sure your employees and customers stay safe and confident while in your facility.  There’s a different style and application for each scenario. We’ll help you find the right fit for your business so you can rest easy knowing your employees and visitors are safe on your premises.  Call us today or visit our showroom in Hubbard, OR and talk to our team of experts about what you need.

Styles of Safety Mats

With many different jobs and requirements, we’ve stocked our showroom with plenty of materials, styles, and sizes of safety mats. We provide the following types for the safety and security of your staff.

Sponge Rubber

A medium-density sponge rubber available in cut length or full rolls. Comes in black.

Firepole Mat

For firehouses. Land safely on a padded, non-slip mat.

Diamond Plate with Safety Border

Sturdy plate design with yellow safety border. Comes in black or gray. Cut length pricing and available as well by the full roll = 75 ft. Also available in variety of widths.


A nondirectional rubber runner that is great for ramps and aisles. Recommended for outside applications.

Ergo Kneel

Comfortable kneeling pads with handles. Save your knees!

Stair Treads

Available in a variety of styles, colors, and widths in vinyl or rubber. Contact us for availability and pricing.

Floor Mats

Standard Corrugated Rubber

A durable corrugated rubber runner engineered for maximum service and long wear. Has a smooth back finish. Most widely used where floor protections and safety are vitally important.

Corrugated Warco Rubber thumbnail
Heavy Duty Corrugated Rubber

This solid rubber runner has the corrugated design & construction for an extra heavy-duty application. With a smooth back finish it helps protect floors in areas that warrant a thickness greater than 1/8".

Easy-Sweep Vinyl Matting

A durable vinyl runner with a round ribbed corrugation running lengthwise. Available in variety of colors. Has a textured impression back. Protects floors and promotes safety while providing exceptional wear.

A.S.T.M. Switchboard Rubber Matting

A corrugated all-rubber insulating matting specially compounded for use as a floor covering for protection of workers. Conforms to ASTM D178-93 Type 1 Class 2. Proof tested at 20,000 volts AC.aximum recommended use voltage is 17,000 volts. Dielectric strength 20,000 volts AC.

Diamond Vinyl Matting

Diamond Plate is a uniquely engineered, deeply embossed, steel-deck design matting that offers an attractive, practical and commercial grade vinyl runner with a high technology appearance. Exceptional wear characteristics make it ideal for heavy traffic.

Kleenrite Rubber Matting

A lightweight, fine-textured, all rubber runner with a non-directional design. Suited for light-duty applications, particularly on applications that have a smooth finish and require a textured surface.

Safety Diamond plate
Safety Edge Vinyl Diamond Plate Runner

A uniquely engineered, deeply embossed, steel-deck pattern matting that combines high-tech, skid-resistant design with safety yellow borders for high visibility and attention.

Interlocking Comfort Matting

A cushioned mat approximately 1/2" thick. Underside constructed of numerous honeycombed, square, air cells giving resilience and foot comfort. Beveled edges. Sections can be interlocked to form any length. Helps prevent body fatigue, increase productivity and cut down on accidents.

Finger Top Rubber Mats

Designed with thousands of vertical rubber fingers to clean shoes of dirt, grit, sand, mud, and snow. The fingers scrape shoe soles clean, eliminating ugly tracking problems and save on floor and rug maintenance. An all-weather multi-purpose mat. Available in three sizes to accommodate doorways from 32" to 72" width.

Nickel Design Floor Mats

Nickel Design Floor Mats 1/8" thick matting, available in 24", 36", and 48" widths. Full Roll lengths 75ft and available in black.

Rubber Mats & Runners of All Types, Styles, and Lengths. We Ship Nationwide!