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Comfort & Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Mats from Oregon Rubber Mat

If you have to stand on your feet all day, you know the stress that can cause on your feet, legs, and back. An excellent solution to this is a high-quality anti-fatigue mat.  We have the answer for any workspace.

closeup of rubber mat

Benefits of Safety & Anti-Fatigue Mats

  • Reduce slips
  • Prevent injury from standing
  • Reduce leg, feet, and back pain
  • Increase comfort and productivity
  • Protect areas around heavy and dangerous equipment

Tread-Eze: The Ultimate Comfort Mat

Manufactured by us right here in Hubbard, Oregon, USA. We have several styles for your choice of surfaces. Mats can be manufactured to custom sizes with or without tapered edges.

Tread-eze with Corrugated Rubber Surface

Manufactured up to 72" wide. Colors: Black or Dark Brown. 1/2" thick with cushy sponge backing.

Tread-eze with EZ Clean Vinyl Ribbed Surface

Manufactured up to 60 inches wide. 1/2" thick. Colors: Black, Brown, Gray or White. This is an easy to clean product.

Tread-eze with Kleenrite Rubber Surface

Manufactured up 48" wide. Color: Black 1/2" thick with sponge backing. This textured surface is a great non-directional pattern & easy to maintain.

Soft Foot

Rugged, durable closed-cell vinyl sponge. Anti-fatigue matting. Colors: gray, black or with safety border.
Thickness: 3/8". Available in 24", 36", 48". Full roll length 60 feet.

Tread-eze with Nickel Design Vinyl Surface

Manufactured up to 48" widths & 75' long. Colors: Black or Gray 5/8" thick with sponge backing. Very attractive style mat.

Tread-eze with Safety Soft Foot

24" or 36" wide sold by the lineal foot. Available in ribbed or textured patterns.

Tread-eze with Diamond Plate Surface

Up to 48" wide in a very high-quality Diamond plate matting surface, durable tough and attractive. Over 5/8" thick mat.

Extreme Ergo Mats

1" thick. Excellent soft work mat. Available in yellow safety border. 2' x 3', 3' x 5', 3' x 7' and 18' x 36'.

Tread-eze Diamond Plate with Yellow Safety Border

Available in same choices as regular Diamond Plate.

Comfort Interlocking Mats

1/2" thick. Underside is constructed of numerous honeycombed, square, air cells giving resilience and foot comfort. Beveled edges. Rubber: Black color. Size: 28" x 36".

Tread-eze with Smooth TileTop

Colors: Marbled with swirls of white throughout. Colors: Black, Blue or Light Gray. 1/2" thick & up to 36" wide x 30 feet long.

Kitchen Clean Mat

3' x 5' Comfortable with great drainage. 1/2" thick, beveled edges. Available in Black.

Complete Comfort Mat Ergonomically Superior

100% closed-cell nitrile rubber. Beveled edges, comes with or without holes. This mat is grease and oil resistant. 7/8" thick, sizes are 3'x5', 3'x10', and 4'x6'. Also available in rolls 3'x75', or 4'x75'.

Happy Feet - Welding Safe Mats

Cleated back, constructed with encapsulated Nitrile Rubber. Electrically conductive and safe in computer rooms! Comes with or without yellow borders. 1/2" thick, beveled borders. Textured or grip surface. Sizes 2'x3', 3'x5', 3'x10'.

Rubber Mats & Runners of All Types, Styles, and Lengths. We Ship Nationwide!